Dress code: Casual summer wear can be worn during the day and appropriate wear for night services, Be sure to bring appropriate and comfortable footwear for sports/mission/evangelism outreach. We also urge you not to take unnecessary or excessive jewelery that will attract attention.

Electricity-The electrical supply in Dominica is 220 volts, and electrical appliances use a combination of two / three pronged plugs.

Food/Meals-Meals are included in the camp fee, however, tuck shop will also be available to cater for your needs at affordable prices.

Money Matters-There is a Licensed Cambio Centre/Western Union/Money Gram in Roseau and Marigot and commercial banks are also accessible. Official currency exchange rates vary daily. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar exchange rate is $2.67 per $US. Most Dominican ATMs accept international bank cards with Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus and Plus logos. Banks also give credit card advances, change traveller’s cheques among other financial services. A Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% is charged on most items. 

Official Language: The official language of Dominica is English. Many people also speak a French patois (pronounced “patwa”), referred to by locals as Creole.

Telecommunications: Dominica is well connected to the rest of the world. Two service providers, Digiplay and FLOW, will facilitate roaming at varying rates.



Bath robe/towel


Comfortable shoes (sneakers, slippers)

Linen (pillow, bed sheets)

Modest clothing/swim wear


Plastic eating utensil (fork, spoon, bowl plate) No breakables.

Toiletries (tooth brush/paste, soaps,

Deodorant, tissue paper etc)

ALL relevant medications