Mission:  The mission of this camp is evangelical in nature, with a major emphasis on developing the WHOLE man by: nurturing him in the Word of God, personal growth, and good stewardship.


Spiritual Objectives: To lead each camper to understand his/her need for Jesus Christ, and to encourage him/her to develop a personal prayer and bible reading habit. To aid in developing every saved person into a strong witness for Christ and those who are not saved to get connected. To help direct each camper into an active role in his/her own home church.  To help the camper find answers and solutions to the many questions, problems, and circumstances he/she encounters and to mentor campers for service.


Physical Objectives: To provide a well-rounded balanced program of physical activities. To aid the camper in developing good health and personal habits pertaining to physical growth and hygiene.


Social Objectives:  To allow time in which the camper may get involved in wholesome social relationships. To aid his/her relationships with others saved and unsaved while building connections.


Mental Objectives: To train potential christian leaders and to assist them in developing disciplined attitudes.


Technical Objectives:  To develop certain skills in youth that will help in preparation for the working world.