it won’t be too long before you feel right at home. If you do experience some homesickness, like we all did at some point, there are lots of people at camp to help you get through it. We truly care about you and your success at camp, and we will be there to make sure that you are having a great time.  Pretty soon you too will feel that Camp is your next home. To our regular campers we say: WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK!

Promotional Youth Fest 2017 video giving details on the event.

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A male blue-headed hummingbird on the island of Dominica. (Linda Nelson Nash)OUR ISLAND DOMINICA
Most travelers hit on Dominica — or Waitukubuli, in the island’s native Kalinago language — during a half-day shore excursion on a cruise.

Of course, cruising’s the equivalent of speed-dating the Caribbean islands. They’re gorgeous or handsome by turns, these palmy ports of call, but they can begin to seem alike to visitors who don’t have time to become more intimately involved. In a longer visit, even a few days, the……Read More